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Spanish Speaking Entertainers in Nevada

Is your party going to be a blast of bilingual fun? Then you need spanish speaking entertainers in Nevada to help boost your party's potential.If you are worried Pitbull didn't recieve your invitation, check out our list of bilingual entertainers in Nevada. Lets get this party started muy rapido! Never mind my spanglish, you need a spanish speaking entertainer to make your next party a smash hit.

Servicing the Greater Las Vegas area, Las Vegas, NV


Great Traditional Spanish Dance
Fuerza Flamenca is an acclaimed traditional Spanish Flamenco dance troupe consisting of two dancers, male and female, Singer, Guitarist, and Percussionist. The singer, named Antonio de Jerez, is the most highly regarded flamenco singer in the United States. He was born in Spain so for your event with Spanish speaking entertainers, the dance will bring excitement. 

The performance can consist of something as simple as ambient solo guitar music to something as elaborate as a two hour concert with dancers and musicians. The artists of Fuerza Flamenca are resided in Las Vegas, Nevada. So, book them to have the party of a lifetime.

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Servicing the Greater Las Vegas area, Las Vegas, NV


Musical Culture Entertainment
Mariachi de Mexico is the best known form of folk music from Mexico. The name refers to the music, the musicians and the band or orchestras that play it. The musical style began to take on national prominence in the first half of the 20th century. 

The band can be hired for multiple occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, baptisms, culture events, office parties and many more. As Spanish speaking entertainers, the band performs beautiful Mexican folk music available all over the Las Vegas, Nevada area.

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4111 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas, NV 89121


Looking for a party entertainment with a touch of Spanish culture here in Nevada?

Try to celebrate it here in Railhead at Boulder Station! With one of the most popular Spanish speaking entertainers who are performing live music here, you and your guests will enjoy the party. Railhead will cater your needs through their live Spanish music entertainment, great food and friendly staff. The musical bands who are performing here are Lon Bronson Band, Sabados De Tumbao, Gene Watson and many more!


This is a great place for a birthday party, a wedding reception or a corporate event. Book your party now here at Railhead!

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4000 West Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89103


Enjoy a great live music entertainment in Spanish here in Gold Coast Showroom!

If you are looking for a perfect place to celebrate a birthday party, try having a Spanish music as your party entertainment? There is a great venue for party celebrations with Spanish music and that is the Gold Coast Showroom. Gold Coast has been known in Nevada as one of the popular casino, hotel and great Spanish music bands’ live performance. One of the most popular Spanish bands performing here is Noches Calientes.


Other than the live music entertainment, there is also a ballroom dancing activity available for the adults. Book your party now!

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Servicing the Great Nevada Area, , NV


If you are looking for an upbeat music in Spanish, have a party entertainment with Las Vegas Salsa Y Son!

Every birthday celebration, there is always that time where we have to plan the party you are throwing out for the birthday kid. Most birthday parties have clowns, magicians and costume characters. If your kid loves listening to music and wants to explore music, try having a Spanish music in his birthday party this year.


Las Vegas Salsa Y Son is one of the most known Spanish bands in Las Vegas. They have musical performances in different hotels and restaurants all around Nevada.

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Servicing the Great Nevada Area, , NV


Have an adventure at a birthday party through the music of Hispanic culture with RJ Fox Guitar

If your birthday is coming and you want to experience a unique culture, hire a flamenco guitarist for your party! Hispanic culture had been very interesting especially to those who like to observe a different culture. There is a popular flamenco guitarist in Nevada, its RJ Fox Guitar! He is one of the best guitarists for contemporary, flamenco and classical music.


He is willing to do different musical styles depending on your occasion. Book him now for a great party entertainment!

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Servicing The Great Nevada Area, , NV


If you are looking for Spanish speaking entertainers in Nevada, hire Mariachi Patron for a birthday party!

Mariachi Patron had been performing in the city of Las Vegas since 1997. The band is renowned in the area because of the musical styles they have in their music and brings a taste of the Spanish culture. Since they have been performing this kind of music, the band adapted other musical genres in their performances including, Latin music and South American music.


The band is available for bookings in different events like birthday parties, weddings or any other occasion. Contact them now and book them for your party.

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, Las Vegas, NV 89149


Hire one of the best Spanish speaking entertainers in NV!

Flavio Enchanted Flutes is one of the talented entertainers here in NV. For an upcoming birthday party, everything must be planned. From the birthday party theme down to the goodie bags or party favors. If you are throwing a Spanish themed birthday party for the children, book one of the finest musicians here in NV. Flavio Enchanted Flutes is an outstanding musician, other than playing flutes, he can also play guitar and can also do vocals.


Flavio's music is usually Andean music, Latin pop music and international music which will be enjoyed by all ages.

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, Las Vegas, NV


Have a blast at a children’s birthday party with the hip Spanish band in NV!

If you are looking for a unique entertainment for your guests, try having Spanish speaking entertainers! Spanish culture inspired many people and one of the popular Spanish bands is Latin Vida.  This band has been performing all around the state of Nevada, from restaurants to popular hotels.


This band is dedicated to inspiring the young ones and future generation through their passion in music. To inspire the children especially during a birthday party, this is your chance to have a unique entertainment and get everyone inspired at the same time.

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2220 Plumeria Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89081


Looking for fun music entertainment from Spanish speaking entertainers in NV?

Book the best, have El Mariachi Jalisco at your upcoming birthday party! If your child loves to have an adventure and loves to travel, why not bring a different culture to a children’s birthday party? El Mariachi Jalisco offers musical services in Spanish music that bring the fun to your party. It is definitely a unique birthday party experience! The band plays different kinds of music that is suitable for the occasion. 

The band can play more upbeat music for the kids for a children’s birthday party! Contact them now for your inquiries on their quote.

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Servicing The Great Nevada Area, , NV


Enjoy live Spanish music from Samy Gana, a talented musician in NV!

Do you have an upcoming children’s birthday party? If your birthday kid has the dream to travel to Spain and experience what the culture is like, give him a taste of Spain with Spanish music entertainers in NV. Samy Gana is one of the talented musicians and a Spanish speaking entertainer in NV. Through his music, you can sail on an adventure to Spain.


There are a few samples of his music available on his website. To book him for an upcoming children’s birthday party, you can reach him by email.

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1036 Valetta Flat, Las Vegas, NV 89183


Great party entertainment makes a memorable birthday party

Each one of us loves to have an adventure in different ways. Some of us would like to travel half way around the world to experience the different culture a place has. Some things are interesting like their values, their practices and how their society influences the people. Having a unique party entertainment especially one that brings a different culture or having a unique party theme is unforgettable to the birthday kid as well as the guests.


Have a Spanish theme for a children’s birthday party with live musical performances from Mariachi Nuevo Las Vegas, the best Spanish speaking entertainer in NV.

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